About us

Age UK North, South & West Dorset is an independent local charity that exists to enable older people across Dorset to maintain physical and mental well-being in later life.

We achieve this by providing direct services to enable older people to remain independent and enjoy life, organising activities to create opportunities for an enriched social life, and by working with older people to campaign and have their voices heard.

We've been a part of the local community helping older people for over 65 years. We have 60 dedicated staff and over 200 volunteers helping us to deliver our services and activities.

Where you can find us

Our Head office is based in Poundbury, Dorchester.

Units 1 & 2, 5 Crown Square, Dorchester, DT1 3EN.

How we are funded

We rely on your support to keep serving the community. We are supported by donations from the public, fundraising, income from our paid for services (such as home support), and some charitable grants.

About our Trustees

As a charity, we are governed by a board of trustees. It's their job to provide guidance, additional expertise, and direction to Chief Officer Terri Lewis, who in turn works to deliver on the vision and mission of the charity through our team of staff and volunteers.

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