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Virtual Dementia Awareness Training - Monday 17th June 2024


Join us, on 17th of June via zoom for a day of Dementia Awareness Training. 'Learning from Living With Dementia' Training is co-produced by those living with dementia, so follows a unique format, which looks at dementia from the persons perspective.

The course covers a variety of topics including:
-What is dementia?
-Types of dementia
-Understanding the symptoms of dementia from the perspective of people experiencing them
-How we can help
-An enabling environment for people with dementia
-How it feels to live with dementia
-Enhancing the well-being of people with dementia

This course is for professionals, those supporting individuals with dementia or those seeking skill enhancement. The content, grounded in real-life experiences, may include emotionally challenging topics for some individuals. If you have concerns, please reach out for further discussion.

The course will last approximately 7 hours in total including plenty of breaks during the day.

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